Pediatric Optometry

Did you know that comprehensive eye exams can and should be done on infants and children? Children are by far the most vulnerable population to eye disease because they are often unable to communicate that there is a problem with their vision. Eye conditions like amblyopia can be invisible to the parent but cause serious learning deficits the child if it is not detected and treated early.

The American Optometric Association recommends that infants get their first eye check at 6 months old! Infants and toddlers can get their eyes check by their pediatrician at 6 months, but full pediatric comprehensive eye exam is usually done as young as age 3 and every year after to ensure healthy eye development and detect any potential issues.

Whether it is their first pair of glasses for school or something more complex, Refocus Modern Eyecare can help protect your child’s eyesight and get them ready for the future. Don’t leave your child’s eyes unprotected and make an appointment with our optometrist today!


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